Sculptures made of earth, fire, water, air (Part III)



Sculptures made of earth, fire, water, air is a series of 9 solo exhibitions by artist Nuno Vicente presented at the João Cocteau Gallery in Berlin. Conceived as a collaborative project, the Portuguese artist has invited 9 international curators to build a dialog around 9 pieces chosen from his new body of work. The series will culminate in the release of a publication about the artworks as well as the respective outcomes from the curators. Following the previous monographic exhibitions Transformation of a dead body into a Foundation for Life (curated by Lauren K. Reid) and Memorial to ephemerality (curated by Carolina Jiménez), the third edition of this ongoing project will be featuring “Burial of a taxidermied animal” and “Dead bird turned into stone”, two artworks specifically created for this occasion. Along his career as an artist, Nuno Vicente has built a creative imagination made of moss, wood, clay, earth, stones, tears, dead flowers, turtles and birds. The semantics of the elementariness. The response of Spanish curator Paz Ponce for this exhibition is designed as an attempt to unveil the poetic gesture behind Nuno Vicente’s artistic practice, drawing at the same time, an indirect reflection on the nature of installation art in itself. Plunging into the vast geography of remembrance, this exhibition tries to recover an original emotion that the artist experienced, giving some key notes to understand his empathic relation with all sentient beings, his desire to fuse things with nature, his strong sense of self-awareness  of  the  universe  and  his  deep  commitment  with  the
registration of life through his art.
A nostalgic journey into the alchemy of Being.

Curated by Paz Ponce

João Cocteau. Kienitzer Strasse 98 12049 Berlin
Opening: Friday 7 December 2012. 19.00h
Ongoing: 7-9 December 2012. 14.00-19.00h



♦ Digital resource: curatorial text

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