unbreaken – AFFECT Module II

Book and exhibition project by residents of AFFECT II: Alice Bucknell, Aviv Benn, Daniel AlmgrenRecén, Jol Thomson, José Cori, Kathryn Gohmert and Rune Bosse.
13th Sep-19th Sep 2014
Grossbeerenstr 34, 10965 Berlin – Kreuzberg

Press release

unbreaken is a project that imbricates workshops sessions, performative interventions, frameworks and a process-oriented timeline in and out the doors of the residency during the last 8 weeks.

unbreaken is an invented formula, a constitutive organism made of overlapping movements and gestures related to unbroken (constant, endless, uninterrupted) and break (alter, crack, breach).

unbreaken is an embedded experience based on persistence and disruption practiced through a publication, an exhibition project and a program* hosted by the artists-in-residence. Together, they invite the audience to orbit different situations and events happening at L’Atelier-KSR and into public spaces, in order to exercise, perform and transmit their production. Through multiple entry point and mutabilities, the public is confronted with an experimental collaborative approach to a publication that exceeds its material boundaries and finds its selves taking over spaces, relationships and even dreams. Passages are channeled and activated through a stream of collisions and implosions in and around the space of the exhibition between September 13th to 19th.

* Program:

13.09 – Opening of unbreaken, publication launch | L’atelier-ksr 7-10pm
14.09 – Movie projection hosted by artists in residence | L’atelier-ksr 6-9pm
15.09 – ‘Take the book for a walk’ | various locations. meeting point: L’Atelier-ksr 4pm
16.09 – Experiencing the publication into public spaces | meeting point:L’Atelier-ksr 5-7pm
17.09 – Re-enacting the publication within the gallery space | L’atelier-ksr
18.09 – Processing/production day at the gallery space | L’atelier-ksr
19.09 – Finissage | L’atelier-ksr 6-9pm

AFFECT methodology and format are conceptualized by Agora Collective e.V (Caique Tizzi, Marcela Donato, Tainá Moreno).

AFFECT Module II is moderated by Fotini Lazaridou-Hatzigoga, facilitated by Diego Agulló, Yves Mettler, Sarah Lewis, John Holten, Judith Lavagna, and coordinated by Paz Ponce.

unbreaken is published by Broken Dimanche Press and designed by F.U.K. Graphic Design Studio

AFFECT is kindly supported by Broken Dimanche Press | Instituto Cervantes Berlín | Goethe Instituto São Paulo | L’Atelier-ksr | Kulturnetzwerk Neukölln | Barefoot Wine.

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