The Hexagram of Solitude – poetic response to Erich Fromm

A response to You are (not) alone“, photographic series and solo-exhibition by Verónica Losantos, presented in Monat der Fotografie-OFF Festival at Pony Royal, Berlin. 14-30 November 2014 in Berlin – Neukölln. 

Exhibition and publication produced by Losantos with an original text by Paz Ponce (The hexagram of solitude, Berlin 2014) as a response to The art of loving, text which inspired the photographic series.

“Man is gifted with reason; he is life being aware of itself. This awareness of himself as a separate entity, the awareness of his own short life span, of the fact that he will die before those whom he loves, or they before him, the awareness of his aloneness and separateness, of his helplessness before the forces of nature and of society, all this makes his separate, disunited existence an unbearable prison. He would become insane could he not liberate himself from the prison and reach out, unite himself in some form or other with others, with the world outside.”

Erich Fromm – ‘The art of loving’

the hexagram of solitude



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