AFFECT 2015 Summer Program

/ Coordinator & Communication manager
May-September 2015

Program initiated by Agora Collective in Berlin

AFFECT at Agora
Mittelweg 50, 12053 Berlin


AFFECT is Agora’s program for collaborative artistic practices in Berlin.  In its second edition, AFFECT 2015 SUMMER PROGRAM was conceived as a 5-month-long program consisting of five consecutive modules each led by an international artist, who invited participants to collectively explore a topic and develop a set of practices and research methodologies over the period of one month in the city of Berlin.

Each module of AFFECT takes the form of a participatory workshop revolving around a central research question supported by a series of activities proposed by the facilitators. Participants have the opportunity to collectively delve into the proposed research question, bringing in their own sensibilities, practice and experience. The groups are open to 15 international and local participants addressing artist and creatives from a variety of backgrounds.

Collective exercises, urban explorations and site visits, readings and discussions pave the way towards individual projects as well as a final event which allow the group to share and exercise some of the module’s findings in a public format.

AFFECT is framed within CAPP: COLLAB ARTS PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM, a four years cross-european collaborative arena supported by Creative Europe. Under the flag of “Art in social and community contexts”, the first year of CAPP/AFFECT focused on “Artist teaching artists”.

Program credits

Project co-direction & production
Caique Tizzi
Tainá Moreno
Marcela Donato

Project coordination and communication
Paz Ponce

Project documentation
Rita Couto

Project intern 
Darius Bogda

Program guest
Art Think South Asia Fellowship – Saloni Doshi

Documentation of AFFECT 2015

    A video project initiative by videographer Rita Couto with facilitators of AFFECT 2015
    Video content coordinator Paz Ponce
    Interviews conducted by Caique Tizzi and Paz Ponce
    Autumn 2015 Berlin


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