THE DREAMERS project at: Foothold B_Tours Tel-Aviv/ Jaffa / Lod 17-20 May 2017

My Project THE DREAMERS showcased at:


Foothold B_Tours Tel-Aviv/ Jaffa / Lod 17-20 May 2017

The name of the festival in Hebrew is an expression that describes an active position from which progress can be made, but at the same time there is an underlining violence in the same act. In Arabic the corresponding expression is  موطئ قدم and it refers to the feeling that there is someone to rely on even in an unfamiliar both emotionally and in practice. In English, Foothold transmits a sense of standing still rather then progressing.

Tel Aviv-Jaffa and Lod, which are only a 15 minutes drive from each other, are tremendously remote in many other ways. The choice to focus on these mixed cities, close but also far, was taken with the intention to re-examine the definitions of the terms center and periphery and the identity of the people behind these definitions. The festival aims to observe the life of the various communities living side by side, and to monitor how infrastructure, language and other factors influence the path of the city and its inhabitants.
The festival will be held over a long weekend and invited local residents and visitors – Jews, Arabs, religious and secular visitors of all ages (some of the tours are suitable for families and children). It will feature 18 artists including 6 foreign artists from Spain, Germany, Brazil and Austria.

Participating artists:
Scandar Copti:
Eran Eizenhamer:
Wanda Dubrau:
Tom Soloveitzik:
Rotem Volk:
Meir Tati :
Li Lorian:
Ilona Marti:
Rabia Salfiti:
*Paz Ponce
Alit Kreiz:
Camila Rhodi:
Sonya Schönberger
Johanna Steindorf –
Yael Peri:
Ran Nahmias
Ruba.A. Salam

Festival Team
Artistic direction and Curators – Iris Pshedezki, Gili Zeidman, Yael Sherill
Executive Producer: Rula Daood
Artist and Audience Relations/B_Talks – Gil Cohen
Social Media – Moran Shambar
Documentation and production – Hila Vugman
Accompanying educational program – Naomi Slaney
Guidance and Counseling – Oshrat I. Holland

The festival and the residency program are an international cooperation between the Jinds Association in Lod, the CCA in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, B_Tour and Hamekarer.

Other partners: Lod’s Student Union, Lod’s Youth Center, the Association of Community Centers in Lod, Beit Berl College, the Women’s Forum in Lod, Musica Nova, Sadaka Reut, civil service volunteers in the Lod among others.

The festival is supported by Mifal Hapayis, Planning Director, Goethe Institute, Artport in Tel Aviv-Jaffa and Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality.

The project “Participatory Strategies for Mixed Neighborhoods” Lod and Neukölln was supported by a grant from the Stiftung Deutch-Israelisches Zukunftsforum.

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