“Man-in-progress” 3 hours with John Court. Text by Paz Ponce

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Portrait of John Court (words on paper) PPPB 2018

3 hours with John Court
Text by P.P.P.B
* Published by Berlin Sessions Residency 04.04.18
** Read full text: http://berlinsessions.org/portfolio/man-in-progress/
*** Portfolio PDF man-in-progress-3 hours with John Court by PPPB

In the total absence of any writing, there is nothing outside the thinker, no text, to enable he or her to produce the same line of thought again. Aides-mémoir such as notched sticks or a series of carefully arranged objects will not of themselves retrieve a complicated series of assertions. How in fact could lengthy, analytic solution ever be assembled in the first place? An interlocutor is virtually essential: it is hard to talk to yourself for hours on end. Sustained thought in an oral culture is tied to communication. But even with a listener to stimulate and ground your thought, the bits and pieces of your thought cannot be preserved in jotted notes. How could you ever call back to mind what you had so laboriously worked out? The only answer is: Think memorable thoughts.

Walter J.Ong, “Orality and Literacy -The Technologizing of the Word”, 1982, 2002, Routledge.  pp. 33-36

See more of John Court’s works in:

My gratitude to Berlin Sessions Residency and Andrzej Raszyk for the invitation to publish this text.
This e-publication contains a graphic poem in the back cover I realized as a reply gift to John Court,, in exchange for his book . “Portrait of John Court”

© Paz Ponce Pérez-Bustamante

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