Agora Collective

Agora is an independent initiative and project space in Berlin-Neukölln that hosts people and projects based on a shared philosophy that reflects the values of its community: transparency, diversity, trust, sustainability and social ties.

Open in June 2011, housed in a five-floor restored Altbau, Agora´s mission is to be a meeting point or assembly that allows and supports the organic development of collaborative networks and relational environments by exploring new ways of socialization, offering alternatives to models of culture through community practice and experimentation. A participatory choreography designed to activate methodologies and collective strategies.

Agora Collective e.V is the core organization responsible for the artistic production and the curation of the content developed within the community cultivated by Agora, framed by its physical space – which consists of studios, coworking areas, workshop rooms, a food platform, a residency and exhibition space.

Agora Collective e.V represents a creative powerhouse and an art collective that continue to function as a multifunctional platform with a focus on collaborative practices, interdisciplinary work, and intellectual as well as personal mobility with an international approach, where social, educational and artistic values are cultivated, encouraged and supported.


Go to Agora’s website


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