/ Berlin / Chief Curator of the Archive and managing curator of Videoteque since Sept.2013 / Curator member of the network since Sept.2012

Berlinerpool is a non-for-profit platform for artists, curators, art managers and spaces of Berlin supported by a physical documentation archive of its members, taking the shape of a research center on Berlin-based art. berlinerpool is an archive of NOW, a curated network of active professionals involved in the daily making of culture in the city. By structuring, saving and contextualizing information, berlinerpool takes a mediating position between individuals, making their work and ideas accessible to specific/professional and wider audiences.

With a collaborative approach, berlinerpool explores the interdependencies implicit in the process of making culture at large, bringing people closer by sharing resources, exchanging knowledge, and mapping contemporary concerns. With this aim, berlinerpool’s public program of talks, workshops and project-based residencies responds to the fields of archiving practices, curating, arts management and digital humanities, understanding on-going research as the axis to actively engage and mobilize people, projects and ideas through local and international cooperation.

* Since 2005 berlinerpool has been committed to the preservation, accessibility, spreading and making of culture in Berlin.

Visit berlinerpool’s website:



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