Calipsofacto Curators

/ Madrid / Curatorial Collective / Co-founder since 2010

Calipsofacto Projects is a non-for-profit cultural association dedicated to promoting cultural agitation. A multidisciplinary team composed of members from many branches of visual arts such as Art History , beaux-arts , design and theatre. It was born from the events, which, in 2010, plunged the world into a state of economic and cultural ambiguity. It was at that precise moment when we decided to join forces and commit ourselves to a common project, based on working in unison in order to create a new network that would have an impact on the social and artistic environment in which we move. We develop projects, debates and discourses. We write, we make suggestions and we act. We have fun, we meet people, have parties, and we make politics . We are building a generation. Once the financial bonanza has ended, culture is no longer a priority. Given social immobilism and widespread apathy, be believe that what is needed is a direct intervention to restore credibility to cultural production, acknowledging it for what it is, something essential for society in general.

           Imagen 5


            Sara Buraya,Jaime G. Cela,Elena Lavellés, Jana Pacheco,

              Paz Ponce, Paula Quereda, Cristina Robina, Pablo Serrano.


     Spain: +34 646188078

        Germany:+49 (0)15734099160

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