NON Berlin



Project Partners April 2014- 2015

Asia Contemporary Art Platform NON Berlin

Asia contemporary art platform NON Berlin was founded in 2014, under the purpose of building an international network among artists, directors and alternative art spaces who work in the art scene in Asia and Berlin, Furthermore, NON Berlin’s goal is to become the hub for Culture and Arts exchange in Asia and Europe through organizing sustainable projects, mapping networks, creating archives and providing up-to-date information. By curating special exhibitions, forums, seminars, art performances and inter-media projects, NON Berlin aims for these activities to initiate a refreshing discourse different from those controlled by the market.

NON Berlin supports professional independent curators in Berlin and are open to those who are willing to express their creativity. In particular, NON Berlin aims to carry on research into Asia’s outlook on the world and it’s philosophical methodology, foreseeing from the contemporary point of view. NON Berlin also provides important and credible regional information from Europe and local networks to promote asian contemporary art in Europe with its base in one of the most artistic and culturally rich city, Berlin.

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♦ Cooperation timeline with NON Berlin

27/7/14 BE-Directional: Independent Art Spaces Networks in Conversation, Korea-Berlin.

28/8 – 2/9/14 The Grammar of the Independent Art Scene. Glocal Perspectives on Independent Cultural Production. Chapter #1: Art Spaces Berlin/Korea

16-21/9/14 BERLIN ART WEEK Still / Dynamic: A Score in three movements.

2-12/9/15 KO/DE – Strategic meeting of Asian Art Networks and Berlin based cultural producers. ** Currently NON Berlin and berlinerpool e.V have requested IFA funds to realize this project. The existing project group has a chance to present The Grammar project in Gwangju (during 4th Forum of Asian Arts Space Network), share experiences during Brunch: Bi-directional brunch in Openspace BAE and discuss Digital/Physical Art Archives and its current status and models in Gallery Loop.

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