The Naked

The Naked is an initiative established in The Hague, the Netherlands, by five representatives of different independent art spaces.

The Naked is promoting a glocal understanding of the art-world today, ‘A global view from different local perspectives’.
The goal of The Naked is to set up a unique large scale international exhibition based on your local knowledge. With your local expertise of the art scene where you reside.

The Naked Blog

The Naked Blog identifies the status of contemporary art as seen from a local to local point of view. Based on the feedback of curators and artists around the world, we gather a larger overview of the trends and values that matter within the arts on a global scale.

The blog is an overture to a large scale international exhibition that will be held in 2014 in the Hague, the Netherlands. The goal of The Naked exhibition is to show the heterogeneity and multiplicity of artist run spaces and mentalities in the world today; a celebration to alternative practices and other independent organisations dealing with the presentation of art.

By posting contributions from curators and artis run spaces, the blog raises questions on matters such as  locality versus globalisation, and  independency and autonomy in the art world today,
These curators have been selected by the initiators of The Naked, but this selection is not definite. We hope that the blog will inspire others to contribute to this growing network, so that it will evolve as a research project of significance.

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