Model Behaviours – AFFECT Module I

A book and exhibition project by residents of AFFECT: Agora’s Program for Collaborative Art Practices Berlin.

With: Peter Biggart (US), Merlin Carter (NZ), Beth Dillon (AU), Tomás Espinosa (CO) Amie Lin (US-TW), Raquel Nava (BR), Michael O´Hanlon (AU).

Instituto Cervantes, Berlin-Mitte
June 05, 2014

“Model Behaviours” presents an assembly of approaches to ideas of the social, the site, and the audience. The artists-in-residence in Agora developed a series of ambiguous situations that explore intersections between art and the social proposed during the different phases of the residency.

Conceived as an experience-led event, “Model Behaviours” presents speculative choreographies of both the space and the audience. The event is orchestrated by actions, instructional signage and object installation that loosely-demarcate the exhibition space of Instituto Cervantes into zones for audience interaction.

AFFECT, Agora´s Program for Collaborative Artistic Practices, was conceptualized and designed by Agora Collective e.V. to run throughout the year 2014, divided into three modules. The program challenges the resident artists to address collectively the question `Where does Art intersect with the Social`? .

AFFECT Module I brought together a moderator and five facilitators, chosen because of the relevance of their practices – along with the 7 international artists-in-residence in Agora. Focused on group practices, the program is structured into five phases lead by each facilitator: contextualizing, nourishment, conceptualizing, materializing and outcome.

Model Behaviours works as a self-reflective feedback upon the program. The artists-in-residence in Agora developed an experiential event that intends to establish situations where the audience relates to the notions  of the social explored during the different phases of AFFECT Module I.

Conceptualized as an experience-led event, Model Behaviours uses both the space and the audience as a choreographed sculpture for modeling social behaviours. Divided into zones, the exhibition spaces of Instituto Cervantes Berlin, invites the audience to navigate between actions, instructional signages and objects for interactions.

As the final result of AFFECT Module I´s experience, the event is orchestrated by speculative scenarios, queue management structures that inter-relates with statue series that responds to situations proposed by the signages. The exhibition space is also occupied by hand-made objects that supports ambiguous actions within the public.

Every module of AFFECT works with a partner space that will host a final exhibition, together with the launch of a publication of every module by Broken Dimanche Press. The program is supported by Goethe Institut São Paulo and Instituto Cervantes Berlin. AFFECT is an on-going experiment, with the the next whirlwin (?) d module of the program scheduled to begin in July to be presented in September at the gallery L´Atelier-KSR in Berlin.

AFFECT Module I has been moderated and facilitated by: Diego Agulló, Eric Ellingsen, John Holten, Judith Lavagna, Sarah Lewis and Rodrigo Maltez-Novaes.

AFFECT Module I has been developed by Caique Tizzi, Marcela Donato and Tainá Moreno and coordinated by Paz Ponce.

AFFECT is kindly supported by Instituto Cervantes Berlín, Broken Dimanche Press, Agora Collective e.V, Goethe Institut Sao Paulo, Kulturnetzwerk Neukölln e.V., Barefoot Wine. 

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