Mapping Contemporary Concerns


MCC #2 OPENING THE SPACE OF THE PROPOSITIONAL: collective approaches in Berlin-Based art production.
Curated talk on keywords: collective, participatory, performance/happening, public space/public life & social relationships, communication, authorship.
16.07.14 at NON Gallery Berlin. Chausseestr.11  Berlin-Mitte

Chapter 2 of Mapping contemporary concerns will be focused on collaborative dynamics in art. In this session we want to analyse the challenges posed by this approach to art practice form the position of a residency, an artist group, two single artists engaged in collaborative projects and two networking platforms.

For this special case we want to invite to the podium such a variety of projects to explore the different nuances in collaborative practices, exchanging methodologies, experiences and perhaps opening the space for propositions.

On Saturday 19th of July this exploration will take the live action by the hands of Jaanika Peerna, Vanessa Enriquez and Dolanbay in the form of a collateral performance, turning the canvas into an archive of  the ephemeral.

Topics and guests on the panel

AFFECT: Agora’s Program for Collaborative Artistic Practices – collaborative art residency
Speaker: Caique Tizzi
Club Real – artist group
Artist presentation and working dynamics within the group
Speaker: Marianne Ramsay-Sonneck
i Collective – collaborative platform
Presentation of group and working dynamics
Speaker: Valeria Schwarz
Ilya Noe – artist
“collaborate (or not collaborate)”.
The Erogate/Surrogate project and MPA-B: collaborative platform for performance art
Zorka Wollny –  performer, video and sound artist
Collaboration, ideas generation, production
Paz Ponce – chief curator of berlinerpool – network, collaborative platform
“The archive as a collective project”.

About Mapping Contemporary Concerns

Mapping Contemporary Concerns is a methodology that surpasses berlinerpool. It was born from the need to discuss current issues that are present in the berlin art context and to find a response in the art practice of berlinerpool members.

MCC is a means for the berlinerpool archive to bring these current topics to the stage in the form of open discussions by inviting outside professionals and members of our network. The panel meet and discuss a central topic – often aligned or in the framework of other events hosted by the city, triggered by spontaneous visits of significant actors / thinkers / knowledge carriers in the art and cultural fields. The system of keywords is supporting the semantic axis of these visits.

With this format berlinerpool arts network & mobile archive aims to raise the question of whether we can speak of a potential “vocabulary” inherent to Berlin’s art production, in terms of medium, approaches, subjects, materials or sources the makers are dealing with and driven by.

Being part of ARCHIVE IT – talks, this latest format developed by berlinerpool is committed to the sharing, collecting. connecting, exchanging and contextualizing of visions and knowledge (In symmetry of triple nature of berlinerpool as a Database, Network and Platform for project development.)

Conceptualized and curated by Paz Ponce for berlinerpool arts network | mobile archive


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