TEXTUM or weave, is a project that works with the theme of communication through words. In the myth it finds the metaphor of weaving words as the basis of language, and therefore the possibility of communication. A geographical itinerary provides the necessary sound and visual documentation for the project in the form of recordings. In the words of Chantal Maillard: “In Textum the word is established between the visual and the auditory. As Bartrihari understood it, there is no difference between sound and substance: forms are the visual manifestation of inaudible sound in all its tones. From there comes the idea of the creative word”*

TEXTUM, Pilar Millán
Catalogue of exhibition at Sala Rivadavia (Cádiz)  08.04 – 13.05.15 / and Neilson Gallery (Grazalema) 5-24.09.15

Curated by Alicia Chillida
Exhibition texts by Alicia Chillida and Paz Ponce* (pp.113-123)
Catalogue idea and coordination by Pilar Millán, Alicia Chillida, Maripi Rodriguez
Design by Maripi Rodríguez and Pilar Mllán
Handcrafted binding by La Tartalana Encuadernación
Translations by Polisemia Traducciones, Lena Brunnberg, Anna Rossel, Usrula Neilson, Paz Ponce
In collaboration with Ayundamiento de Grazalema and Taller de Mantas de Grazalema

Catalogue with texts in Spanish, English and German

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