#philopoetics at Conversas Berlin

Invited to engage in Conversas Berlin #2 

Speaking mates Heiko Pfreundt and Mario Asef

I will be introducing #philopoetics, a pedagogical methodology I developed in projects which stimulate in children a sense of poetry of the every day life, providing them with the technical tools to capture, collect, transform and present that reality. In these projects language is particularly conceived as a playful tool and at the same time, as a synesthetic approach towards life and knowledge.

Conversas is a series of weekly informal meetings made so that we can get to know and discuss projects and interests.

During the event three Conversadores (those who talk at Conversas) bring something to share with the gathered group, for thirty minutes each. As the title suggests itself, Conversas (Conversations in Portuguese) aims at an equal set up from which both the Conversadores and the group should be able to profit.
The main goal of Conversas is to create a conversation, a discussion, a dialogue.

The ultimate belief of Conversas is that every single human being in this world has something beautiful to share. Something that we can always learn from. Conversas are open to people of any age, culture, political or religious backgrounds. 

At Conversas we practice the openness to the Other, even if this Other is very different from us. We like to see Conversas as a weekly mental exercise. Something that is part of our routine.

Events are open to all and the entrance is free.
Doors open at 18:30h.
We start on time /19h

Conversas-Berlin is organzied by 
Sabrina Basten and Sarie Nijboer

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