AFFECT 2016 Agora’s Program for Collaborative Artistic Practices in Berlin

/ Program coordinator of AFFECT

May-October 2016

Program initiated by Agora Collective in Berlin

AFFECT at Agora
Mittelweg 50, 12053 Berlin

AFFECT 2016 was the III edition of Agora’s program for collaborative artistic practices in Berlin.

AFFECT 2016 was conceived as a 6-month-long program consisting of six consecutive modules, each led by an international artist or curator who invited participants to collectively explore a topic, develop a set of practices and research methodologies over the period of one month, culminating in a public event presented in the city of Berlin.

Resembling an immersive academy, AFFECT 2016 programme offered a diverse curriculum of workshops growing out of the research and practice of the Berlin-based facilitating artists and curators.

Judith Lavagna 
# 1 WHILE WE WORK: A Temporary State of Affairs 
May 2 – 28

Diego Agulló
#2 THE ARTISTIC MISSION: Dismantling professionalism in a for-profit economy? 
June 1 – 29

Lorenzo Sandoval 
#3 The Institute for Endotic Research: Reading Bodies
July 4 – 31

Thelma Bonavita 
#4 COM(m)O(n) Club Radio 
August 1 – 27

Sarah M.Lewis
#5 If you don’t pay attention to me, I WON’T PAY ATTENTION TO YOU: on the role of the collective in an attention economy 
September 5 – 30

Kinderhook & Caracas (Sol Calero, Christopher Kline) 
#6 CONGLOMERATE: One-Shot Sacrifice (TV Special) 
October 4 – 29

Methodology / How it works 
A hybrid between an educational program and a thematic artist’ residency, AFFECT proposes its participants to arrive at a final collective project based on experimentation, processuality, interdisciplinarity and critical engagement. Each module takes the form of a participatory workshop revolving around a central research question supported by a series of activities proposed by the facilitators.

Participants will have the opportunity to collectively delve into the proposed research question, bringing in their own sensibilities, practice and experience. Collective exercises, urban explorations and site visits, readings and discussions will pave the way towards the co-generation of a final event which will allow the group to share and exercise some of the module’s findings in a public format.

AFFECT 2016 premiers the new production possibilities inside Agora’s 2200m2 experimental project space in the Kindl Complex in post-industrial neighborhood of Neukölln. The current context of transformation and redevelopment of the former factory area with the creation of a Center for Contemporary Arts and Agora itself will be part of the experimental arena for the upcoming participants. Emphasis of AFFECT 2016 will be placed then in the production and presentation of the final event.

AFFECT is framed within CAPP: COLLAB ARTS PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM, a four years cross-european collaborative arena supported by Creative Europe. Under the flag of “Art in social and community contexts”, the first year of CAPP/AFFECT focused on “Artist teaching artists”.

Program credits

Project artistic direction
Caique Tizzi

Program coordination
Paz Ponce

Project documentation
Photo credits: Joana Dias and Bea Rodrigues
Archives content coordination: Paz Ponce

Project interns
Dorottya Magyar – Erasmus + Coordinates: Moholy-Nagy Művészeti Egyetem/Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest

Darius Bogda

Femke Fredrix  

Documentation of AFFECT 2016

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