Intervalo Escola_Casa Tomada / Sao Paulo 28Nov-18Dez!

Very excited to have been selected for participation in the first edition of Intervalo Escola and very thankful to Goethe Institut Sao Paulo for their generous support!


Intervalo Escola is an experimental school of visual arts and a platform to map, develop and test different ways to learn art today. The first edition will take place in Casa Tomada (Sao Paulo) between 28th November and 18th of December, in an immersive process together with invited artist Ricardo Basbaum.

The range of events at Intervalo emphasize learning models that are collaborative, cooperative, non-hierarchical, immersive, sensitive and informal. Confronting us always with the possible dialogues and antagonisms that may arise in the practices and formal education concepts.

This is a school with no fixed place and acts as immersive temporary zone in which each event is composed of groups, places, knowledge and specific contexts. The Intervalo Escola was created and has as main co-laborers the researchers.etc Claudio Bueno and Taina Azeredo.


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