& ERAN EIZENHAMER _ 25.08.17

Full Documentation on THE DREAMERS PLATFORM
Collective Dreaming Audio Script (Sound Archive)


As part of understanding dreams as a story that you share in your everyday life relations, telling, listening and imagining through the exchange of dreams becomes a way of expressing yourself and a form of social gathering in itself. One of the aims of this workshop is to share dreams as a story, practicing a form of dialogue and the second aim is to reflect to which extent these stories have a part in your life, in the perception of the place you live and in the city. Participants of the workshop will later be invited to record their dream and add it to the oral archive published in soundcloud: THE DREAMERS.

The workshop will be hosted at the Studio of Club Real e.V. A Barn (original farmer’s storeroom) in Neukölln/Böhmisches Dorf. The old bohemian district with its small alleys, community gardens and historic architecture will be the scenario we will work with to connect and reflect on the gap between fantasy and reality meeting in dreams.

Produced in the frame of a tandem exchange program organized by Jindas (Lod), Hamekarer (Tel-Aviv), Agora (Berlin) and B_Tour (Berlin). Presented in Berlin as part of “An Invitation: Experimenting with Participation”. 20-26 August 2017, curated by Yael Sherill. The tandem “Participatory Strategies for Mixed Neighborhoods” Lod/Neukölln is supported by a grant from the Stiftung Deutsch-Israelisches Zukunftsforum.

THE DREAMERS is a platform curated by Paz Ponce and Eran Eizenhamer for projects engaging dreams, public space and participation in Art. It was edited and published in the city of LOD (May 2017) and in BERLIN-NEUKÖLLN (August 2017).

Photo Credits: Joana Dias

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