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member of the network since 2012
Team researcher of the Archive and Videoteque September 2013 – 2017
Designer of conceptual & spatial dramaturgies to interact with the Archive 

berlinerpool was a non-for-profit platform for artists, curators, art managers and spaces of Berlin supported by a physical documentation archive of its members, taking the shape of a research center on Berlin-based art. By structuring, saving and contextualizing information, berlinerpool took a mediating position between individuals, making their work and ideas accessible to specific/professional and wider audiences.

With a collaborative approach, berlinerpool explored the interdependencies implicit in the process of making culture at large, bringing people closer by sharing resources, exchanging knowledge, and mapping contemporary concerns. With this aim, berlinerpool’s public program of talks, workshops and project-based residencies responds to the fields of archiving practices, curating, arts management and digital humanities, understanding on-going research as the axis to actively engage and mobilize people, projects and ideas through local and international cooperation.

berlinerpool team: Andrzej Raszyk, Sasha Pronina, Paz Ponce
archive host venues: NON Gallery, Galerie Wedding, berlin sessions residency

* Founded in 2005 by Sancer Vardarman, berlinerpool came into being as an MA Thesis Project for “Art in Context” (UDK), understanding networking as a performative artistic practice.


Archive research projects
by Paz Ponce & Andrzej Raszyk


Mapping Berlin: Collective Narration on Imaginary and Emergent Spaces
Galerie Wedding, Berlin. 


Exhibiting artistsRoland Fuhrmann, Michael Johansson, Margret Holz, Christine Kisorsy, Katrin von Lehmann, Sara Wallgren, Marcelina Wellmer and Sencer Vardarman. Artistic contributions to the mediation program: Rebecca Agnes, Stefania Migliorati and Ame Zek

A project by Berlinerpool Arts Network. Concept and research by Andrzej Raszyk; Exhibition design by Paz Ponce

More info & documentation here

12.12.14 – 24.01.15
Pflegeanweisungen (Care instructions) – The art of living together
Galerie Wedding, Berlin.
A botanical exhibition on the coevolution processes between a growing community of representative cultural organisms in Berlin, the conditions of the soil where contemporary art is produced and presented, and (eco) systems of care.

flyer pflegeanweisungen

Artistic positions by: Filippo Berta (IT), Mit Borrás (ES), Birgit Cauer (DE), Club Real (AT/DE), Anaisa Franco (BR), Doris Koch (DE), Ruth Le Gear (IR)

Artistic concept by Andrzej Raszyk and Paz Ponce (Berlinerpool), Marianne Ramsay-Sonneck and Georg Reinhardt (Club Real) for Galerie Wedding, Berlin.

In conversation with 15 Berlin artists associations: AbBA, Allianz bedrohter Berliner AtelierhäuserKGB – Kommunale Galerien BerlinKoalition der Freien SzeneInitiative Stadt NeudenkenHaben und BrauchenNetzwerk freier Berliner Projekträume und -initiativenLAFT – Landesverband freie darstellende Künste BerlinRat für die KünsteInterflugsNGBK – Neue Gesellschaft für Bildende KunstNBK – Neuer Berliner KunstvereinIGBK – Internationale Gesellschaft Bildender KünstlerBBK – berufsverband bildender künstler berlinDeutscher KünstlerbundVBK – Verein Berliner Künstler.

Curated and coordinated by Berlinerpool Arts Network | mobile archive
With kind support of Bezirksamt Mitte von Berlin, Amt für Weiterbildung und Kultur
More info & Documentation here

25.04 – 24.05.2015
Entretempo Kitchen Gallery
“A series of site-specific portraits of our consumer society with a pop aftertaste. A digestive metaphor of the way we produce, present and appropriate images of culture and a culture of images today.”

fridge flyer T

Exhibition artists: Malte Barsch, Stefano Cassetti, Beth Dillon & Anton Benois, Boris Eldagsen, Vanessa Enríquez, Anaisa Franco, Stephan Gross, Stephan Halter, Stephanie Hanna. FRIDGE original photography series by Verónica Losantos.
Curated and produced by berlinerpool with artists of its network, supported by SMEG DE.

More info & Documentation here

04.06 – 22.10.14
Mapping Contemporary Concerns
NON Gallery, Berlin
Can we speak of a potential “vocabulary” inherent to Berlin’s art production? A format of talks to discuss current issues that are present in the berlin art context and to find a response in the art practice of berlinerpool members.

Jacqueline Heerema (Director & curator of Satellietgroep), Annelies Bakker (art manager 25 years “Fall of the Berlin Wall”), Alfred Banze (artist), Jan Körbes (designer / architect), Rose Epple (We-Traders).

MCC #2 OPENING THE SPACE OF THE PROPOSITIONAL: collective approaches in Berlin-Based art production.
: Caique Tizzi (Agora Collective), Marianne Ramsay-Sonneck (Club Real), Valeria Schwarz (i Collective), Ilya Noe (Month of Performance Art Berlin), Zorka Wollny, Paz Ponce (AFFECT: Agora’s Program for Collaborative Arts)

MCC #3 “architectures” of…
sound | memory | belonging | utopia | color
Jarii van Gohl (Sound SLKTR), Norbert WiesnethDaniel AlmgrenRecén, Joanne Pouzenc & Philine Schneider (Collage Lab), Kyung-Lae Oak

17.09.14 – 19.09.14
NON Gallery, Berlin


Movement I: Koo Young Mo (KR) site-specific exhibition
Movement II: Boris Eldgasen (DE) video-poem screenings
Movement III: Slow portfolio viewing for curators (KR/DE)

Berlinerpool + NON Berlin curatorial program during Berlin Art Week 2014
Dramaturgy by: Paz Ponce

28.08 – 02.09.14

The Grammar of the Independent Art Scene – Glocal perspectives on independent cultural production – Chapter #1: Art Spaces Berlin/Korea


Participating Art Spaces: 
Korea – Gallery LOOP – community space LITMUS. – Artspace HUE – O’NewWall – i-Gong – openspace BAE – artspace Purl / Berlin LAGE EGAL – Spor Klübü – Meinblau – Errant bodies – District Berlin – Pavilon am Milchhof – L’Atelier-ksr


Project production and coordination: Asia Contemporary Art Platform “NON” Berlin and Berlinerpool e.V | Research by: Paz Ponce | Exhibition design of Chapter #1: Art Spaces Berlin/Seoul: Ido Shin | Project partners: Nonprofit Art Spaces Network, Korea | Media partners: Goethe Institut Berlin, Bezirksamt Mitte von Berlin, Netzwerk freier Berliner Projekträume und Initiativen, Trans Artists, Mondaynews (Berlin) | Nonprofit Art Spaces Network, Korea.


29 – 31.08.13
Vis-à-vis I (Videoteque Introduction Series)
Gallery Art Claims Impulse, Berlin


Screened video works by: Bettina Hutschek, Claire Waffle, Nancy Nancy Carol Atakan, Nuno Vicente, Steffi Weismann, Ilya Noé, Tobias Laukemper & Kelly Warman, Manuela Johanna Covini, Mario Asef
Presented by Paz Ponce in conversation with Prof. Dr. Michael Seadle (Exzellenzcluster Bild Wissen Gestaltung – Humboldt University), Michael Baute (Arsenal Kino Archive), Ivo Wessel (Videoart at Midnight).

A cooperation of berlinerpool with Art Claims Impulse Gallery and Image Knowledge Gestaltung-An Interdisciplinary Laboratory.

More info & documentation here


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