Walter Benjamin for Children Tel-Aviv: Workshops/ March 2018

As part of Living in the City – Annual School Program in Tel Aviv (2017/2018), initiated by The White City Center, I was invited to participate in this frame with my pedagogical methodology for artistic workshops inspired on Walter Benjamin ideas of aesthetics, perception and creative methods. Read more in: Walter Benjamin for Children (Philopoetics).

I will be working in the field in February 2018 in collaboration with local artist Nir Schauloff to develop three participatory workshops to take place in March 2018 with a group of children from a Tel-Avivian school involved in the program. Under the title “Benjamin for Kids”, the workshops will focus on a project area surrounding the school that the children attend, emphasizing their every day life indoors & outdoors scenarios. Schauloff and I will be mainly working around the idea of Mapping’s one life, combining a set of artistic and psychogeography methods in line with a potential “Anthropology of the self”.

The invitation came from Eran Eizenhamer, director of education at The White City Center Tel Aviv.

Read more here about Living in the city – an annual school program


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