Amerika-Geträumtbibliothek (AGB) – Sunday Workshop 28.01.18

14.00 – 16.30 Uhr, Salon | Anmeldung bis 15Uhr möglich
Deutsch + English
>> Materials for workshop: bring a dream you remember well.

****Join a temporary section of dreams at your local library!
We practice a form of creative encounter through the exchange of dreams in an immersive workshop open for all. We will experiment with different techniques to explore and get lost in the densities of stories, fictional landscapes and imaginaries meeting under the unconscious architecture of our every day lives”.

****AMERIKA-GETRÄUMTBIBLIOTHEK is a poetic response to the function of the library as a body of knowledge. We will contextualize our dreamed selves among the multiple collections of the humanities and social sciences across the library’s labyrinth-like architecture, interacting with the building’s scenario proposing different reading patterns, while shaping a temporary archive of local dreams.

****The workshop is open for registration at the SALON from 14:00 to 15:00.

****THE DREAMERS LIBRARY is led by Paz Ponce & Georg Reinhardt, and is framed under the AKTION OFFENER SONNTAG, an initiative by SONNTAGSBÜRO at AGB.
Check the full program for Sunday 28.01.18

THE DREAMERS is a collaborative platform of projects focusing on dreams as a relational tool which connects people and places. Archived as a collection of oral stories, every project is curated for a specific context, and activated through different participatory strategies. Some of the main topics of this platform address the realm of every day life & public space, departing from dreams as a form of dialogue which cultivates empathic listening, creative imagination and the practice of loosing oneself through the densities of stories, streets and imaginaries meeting in cities.

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