PROMISCUOUS ANOMALIES: A practical philosophy to encounter and mix with alterity / Workshop with Diego Agulló / AFFECT Module 1

PROMISCUOUS ANOMALIES: A practical philosophy to encounter and mix with alterity
facilitated by Diego Agulló
1 – 7th AUGUST 2018

AFFECT Program for Collaborative Artistic Practices in Berlin
Curated & Coordinated by Paz Ponce
Agora Collective e.V.

The research proposal of this module attempts to investigate the potentiality of artistic practices to provide conditions, strategies and methodologies that stimulate promiscuity between what is usually separated and to inject the anomaly into the heart of the social order.

We will confront ourselves with fundamental questions such as : what is the role that danger plays in your artistic practice? How much do you risk in the process of art making and researching? How much chaos can your practice deal with? How ready are you to deterritorialize your identities?

We will immerse in an intensive collective process with the purpose of encountering and mixing with alterity and, through that, to stimulate the emergence of something new. We will practice promiscuity, understood not in its meaning of sexual alternation but as what the etymology of the word suggests: the mixed or disordered confusion of different things tending to mutual exchange.

The public is understood as that resulting from the transformative process that implies the encounter between the heterogeneous. The concept of promiscuity comes to remind us that, especially in the field of politics, there should be a continuous predisposition to be involved in a process of transformative mixing, that is, a need to confuse different things with the purpose of something else or something new arises from that heterogeneous mixture. Subjectivity has to be understood fundamentally as open reflexivity to alterity and predisposition to disorder.

DURATION: 7 DAYS OF 5 HOURS. I will facilitate a frame for a temporary collective body to engage in the process of promiscuity of practices. We will entangle our practices and confront a practical problems using the methodology of cyclic interval oscillation, a practice that seeks to keep open the relation to alterity. A set of tools will be provided under the form of exercises. Workshops are non efficacy oriented, hence, the goal is not to solve the problems but rather to explore the multiple parameters that a set of problems consist of. The workshop is a process of value finding and artistic practices are considered practical philosophy.

MATERIALS: Diagrams help clarifying how concepts function and how they are articulated. Diagrams represent visually how concepts unfold within a broader constellation of interconnected concepts. The diagrams display a playground where problems and fundamental question will emerge during the workshop. They function as a starting point before the dialectical discussions and after this they are meant to be readjusted or re-conceptualized. This diagrams are graphic tools that can be used, appropriated and reshaped by anybody.

GROUPS are open to 10 – 15 participants. Participants from all backgrounds are welcome to apply

About the facilitator
Diego Agulló (Madrid, 1980) Lives in Berlin.

Diego Agulló graduated in Philosophy in 2003 without any aspiration or interest to continue an academic career. In 2005, and without any plan, he moved to Berlin. From then on, he works internationally in the context of performing arts where he practices the promiscuity between philosophical research and artistic dilettantism. His work covers different media such as musical improvisation, video art, dance, performance, essay writing, research laboratories, the organization of participatory events as well as the creation of contexts where to continue practicing and investigating the relationship between the body and the event. He is the editor of the Circadian press where he has published Dangerous Dances (2015) in which he analyzes the intimate affinity between dance, the problem, the devil and ballistics, and Betraying Ambition (2017) where he displays a critique to the ideological implications of ambition in the art world. Diego teaches workshops and laboratories internationally and in Berlin he collaborates regularly in educational contexts such as the HZT University, Smash / Roar platform and the Agora collective. During 2016 and 2017 he carried out an interview project under the name Measuring the Temperature of Dance analyzing the ethical and political conditions of the dance context in Berlin. He is also co-founder of Pinpoint Tv, an online platform for the dissemination and investigation of contemporary dance.


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