Agora Collective e.V.

_ Co-director of Agora Rollberg 2018-2019
_ Project coordinator
at Agora Collective e.V. 2014-2020 (AFFECT: Agora’s Program for Collaborative Artistic Practices in Berlin)
_ As part of Agora Collective, I have participated & moderated labs and conferences on collaborative artistic practices, among which: da:ns Lab Singapore (5th Edition, July 2019); CAPP Internationalen Workshop. International University San Servolo (Venice, November 2016), “Projekt Metropolis: International Congress” (New Silesia Museum, Katowice, Poland, April 2015)






The Agora Collective – Berlin-based Center for Collaborative Practices – was originally founded in 2011 by a multidisciplinary team as an independent project space in Mittelweg, 50 Berlin. Since then, Agora expanded its mission to be a place to conceive and experiment with models of working together; providing stable spaces for artists to engage within collaborative and community-based practices. In 2017, the project was totally relocated to the former Kindl-Brauerei Area in Rollbergstrasse / Am Südhaus,  part of the Vollgutlage, the area acquired by the Swiss Foundation Edith Maryon.

The Agora team was devoted to create cross-disciplinary models of cultural and educational production expressed in a diverse, inclusive program of artistic projects and events that deals with relevant questions of nowadays. Agora means now, in Portuguese, language of its Brazilian founders and also coincidentally, in Greek, Agora is the place for encounters and exchange, the market-place.

Agora’s programmes, activities and space are structured were based in 5 pillars that they consider essential for the good life:

  • Nourishment (food)
  • Experimentation (art)
  • Production (work)
  • Education (learn)
  • Play (move)

Since its opening, Agora formed a continuously growing network of local and international partners, organisations, and institutions. Partners include the Immersion program hosted by Martin-Gropius-Bau, Kunst-Werke Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin; Goethe-Institut; Tate Liverpool; Ludwig Múzeum, Budapest; Kunsthalle Osnabrück; Create, Dublin; Hablarenarte, Madrid; amongst others.


Legal form: e.V.  (culture association)
Co-founded by: Caique Tizzi & Pedro Jardim (2011)
Board: Caique Tizzi (Vorstand), Gaby Hundertmark (Schatzmeisterin)
Co-directed by: Caique Tizzi (2011/20), Pedro Jardim (2011/15), Tainá Moreno (2011/16), Marcela Donato (2011/17), Sheena McGrandles (2017/20), Elena Polzer (2017/18), Paz Ponce (2018/20).
Venues: Agora Mittelweg – Mittelweg 50, 12053 Berlin-Neukölln / 2011-2017
Agora Rollberg – Am Südhaus 5, 12053 Berlin-Neukölln / 2016-2019
Networks: Locally, Agora Collective was a member of Kulturnetzwerk Neukölln e.V.
Internationally, Agora collective is a member of CAPP: Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme, co-funded by Creative Europe Culture Subprogramme (2015/18).
Community & Advisors: Renata Har (Artist at Agora Collective, Advisor), Christian Hildebrand (Management Advisor), Denis Atschul (Community Manager, Designer), Luther Filho (Designer), Morgan Sully (Coworking Manager & Community Operations, Advisor), Rita Couto (Videographer), Pepe Dayaw (Cook & artist), Danilo (Cook & Choir Founder), Joana Dias (Photographer, Kitchen staff), Juliana Munhoz (Kitchen staff), Ayumi Saito (Cook), Sun Mee Martin (Designer), Janina (Management advisor); and many more…



AFFECT – Agora’s Program for Collaborative Artistic practices in Berlin.
Initiated in 2014 by Agora Collective e.V.
_ AFFECT Project Website

Resembling an immersive summer academy, AFFECT offered a diverse curriculum of workshops growing out of the research and practice of Berlin-based artists, who invites participants to collectively explore a topic and develop a set of practices and research methodologies over an intensive period time in the city of Berlin. Each module takes the form of a participatory workshop revolving around a central research question supported by a series of activities proposed by the facilitators.

Team at Agora accompanying the process of AFFECT 2014-2018 were Caique Tizzi (co-founder and art director), Paz Ponce (Project Coordinator), Tainá Moreno (Production) and Gaby Hundermarkt (Advisor and project accountant).

Read all publications produced by AFFECT here


Curriculum of AFFECT: Program for Collaborative Artistic Practices in Berlin


2018: AFFECT IV – International Research Residency & Studio Program
“Micro-Utopias – Cartographies of Relational Art in Berlin”

Concept & Coordination: Paz Ponce.
Research Fellows: Yael Sherill, Elvira Crois (University of Antwerp).
Intern: Lily Hassioti (GR).
Program dossier_PDF

affect banner 2018

Modules & Facilitators: 


WHO NEEDS ART ANYWAY? Laboratory of social sensitivity
facilitated by Zorka Wollny
2 – 8th of July 2018.
Artists participants: Olivia Joret (BE), Asiya Wadud (USA), Daniel Schreiner (USA), Charles Park (USA).
Program guests collaborators & Initiatives: Burak Uzumkesici (TK), Antje Majewski (DE), Christine Schörkhuber (AT), Mario Asef (AR), Galerie im Körnerpark.

Research proposal: Under what conditions could smaller communities benefit from art, and artists benefit from contact with specific groups? How to do it with the full respect to the people and contexts within which one wants to work? 
In an intensive week workshop testing ideas through the district of Neukölln, Zorka Wollny proves there is no escape from the context, putting forward ideas on collaboration from her experience in site-specific and socially involved projects. Discussing all the stages of the art production and using various exercises, the workshop will cover the conceptualization, organization and evaluation of contextual projects.


TOOLS FOR CONVIVIALITY – Hospitality & the art of hosting
facilitated by Susanne Bosch
16 – 26th of July 2018
Artists participants: Jaqueline Wille Turner (US), Katrien Oosterlinck (BE), Lizania Denize Cruz (DM), Charles Park (US), Natalia Masewicz (PL), William F. Smith (US), Quek Jia Qi (SG), Katherine Patino Miranda, Erika Sprey (NL/MX), Felix Classen (DE), Ai Leen Tan (MY), Yerin Kim (US), Sarah Schulmann (US), Margaux Schwab (CH/MX), Grace Shuyi Liew (MY), Elvira Crois (BE).
Program guests collaborators & Initiatives: Stefan Krüskemper (DE), TuS Makkabi e.V., Kunsthaus Kule e.V., María Linares (CO).

What makes a heterogeneous group of people ease into a situation to collaborate? Do you dream of really collaborating or of a participatory process within an art work? What does it mean to be the host of such a process? What does hosting include?
To answer these questions is to accept the complexity of the collaborative practices and their multiple layers, investigated by Susanne Bosch in her extensive research experience in participatory public art. In this module, concepts such as friendship, equality and otherness, relationships of power, leadership and negotiation, will be explored as essential tools for every cooperation and hosting. Through presentation, discussion, reflection and storytelling, we seek to find new models of togetherness and interdependence and revisit the idea of convivialit


PROMISCUOUS ANOMALIES: A practical philosophy to encounter and mix with alterity.
Facilitated by Diego Agulló.
1 – 7th of August 2018.

Artists participants: Shawna Duval (US), Joshua Lewis (NZ), Corinne Martin (CH), Charles Park (US), Evgenia (RU), Netta Weiser (IL).

RESEARCH PROPOSAL: How much do you risk in the process of art making and researching? How much chaos can your practice deal with? How ready are you to de-territorialize your identities? Can art inject anomaly and challenge the social order?Agullo’s intensive collective investigation suggests mixing with alterity to stimulate the emergence of something new, embracing disorder, chaos, confusion, confrontation and affection as transformative aspects of exchange. In this immersive workshop, exercises, dialectal discussions and concept diagrams will be employed to confront practical problems and enter the process of value finding in heterogeneity. WHO NEEDS ART ANYWAY? Laboratory of social sensitivity
facilitated by Zorka Wollny
2 – 8th of July 2018.
Artists participants: Olivia Joret (BE), Asiya Wadud (USA), Daniel Schreiner (USA), Charles Park (USA).
Program guests collaborators & Initiatives: Burak Uzumkesici (TK), Antje Majewski (DE), Christine Schörkhuber (AT), Mario Asef (AR), Galerie im Körnerpark.


DISTURBANCE & DEVELOPMENT – Participatory Art interventions 
in Berlin 2000-2020.
20 – 30th of August 2018
Artists participants: Bridget Francis Quinn (US), Freddie Dark (UK), Anna Novakov (US), Min Park (KR), Michelle León Cáceres (CR), Indré Vaiciukaité (LT), Hana Kulovic (BA/US), Raimon Sibilo (NL).
Program guests collaborators & Initiatives:
Katherine Ball (US), Floating University, Raw Tempel, Holzmarkt, Humboldt Forum Berlin.

RESEARCH PROPOSAL: What possibilities did Berlin in the early 2000s offer to participatory art in public space? What happened to the spaces where such interventions took place? Where can we find inspiring cracks and voids in the body of the city today?
In a city that is becoming more and more dense and utilized, the Berlin-based artist collective Club Real aims to explore the above questions and some of the city’s projects in order to widen the perspective on the possibilities and limitations of participation in art and art interventions in public urban spaces.

Resultado de imagen de affect agora collective

2016 – AFFECT III – 6 months Summer Academy
Concept: Caique Tizzi
Coordination: Paz Ponce
Interns: Dorottya Magyar (HU), Darius Bogdanowicz (BE), Femke Fredrix (BE)
Documentation: Joana Dias

Modules & Facilitators:


WHILE WE WORK: A temporary state of affairs
facilitated by Judith Lavagna
May 2 – 27.

Artists participants: Nicole Economides (GR/US), Bea Rodrigues (BR), Clark Beaumont (Nicole Beaumont & Sarah Clark)(AU), Mo Ossobleh (CA), Yuliya Chernysh (UA), Johanna Gilje (US), Heekyung Ryu (KR), Kim Upstill (US)
Program guests collaborators: Nicolas Puyjalon (FR), Michelle-Marie Letelier (CL), Anne Fellner (CH/US) & Burkhard Beschow (DE), Paul Barsch (DE)

RESEARCH PROPOSAL: As a ‘temporary state of affairs’ (Elena Filipovic) structured towards active frameworks, case studies and research methodology, the purpose of this workshop is to conceive an exhibition as a final event which will investigate the context of Agora’s new space – a former factory area of 2200sq meters – favouring the production of site-specific works and reenactments of existing artworks.
WHILE WE WORK further aims to investigate on artistic practices in the field of critical curating towards different territories and formats of inquiries. WHILE WE WORK intends to explore which fundamental roles artists take on as cultural producers, the merging of artists as curators and the interweaving of those ‘junction-makers’ in search for performative expression: a hybrid role that gives rise to new means of considering a set of practices that becomes porous while rendering the divisions between art and curating almost indistinguishable.


The artistic mission: dismantling professionalism in a for-profit economy?
facilitated by Diego Agulló
June 1 – 29

Artists participants: Jessie Alice (AU), Saem Lee (KR), Remina Greenfield (US), Monika Karczmarczyk (PL), Magdalena Rua Golba (PL), Charles Czarnecki (US), Madeleine White (AU), Amina Muniz (BR), Dorottya Magyar (HU), Kiana Rezvani (IR).
Program guests collaborators: Pepe Dayaw, Maracuja Records and Julia B. Laperrière.

RESEARCH PROPOSAL: This workshop attempts to analyse how professionalism in the arts functions and what are the ideologies and values systems embedded on it. We will enroll in an collective investigation on what is the role of art in the given economy, looking from the ethical perspective of which value systems guide the aspirations and motivations of artists to reach the standards of professional success. The artist mission could be understood as affecting professionalism from within and to create a space where belonging together is not based on individual achievements but rather on a collective playground for mutual affections and common commitments.


The Institute for Endotic Research: Reading Bodies
facilitated by Lorenzo Sandoval
July 4 – 31

Artists participants:
Ally Bisshop (AU), Maria Cerón (ES), Kate Chen (US/CH), Maira Dietrich (BR), Femke Fredrix, So Hee Kim (KR), Marié Nobematsu-Le Gassic (US/JP), Sophia Schultz (US), Anya Yermakova (US/RU), Jana Pacheco (ES), Paula Querido van Erven (BR).
Program guests initiatives: District Berlin, SAVVY Contemporary, Broken Dimanche Press.

RESEARCH PROPOSAL: In 2016, TIER continues with its work on exploring the everyday life and the immediate surroundings but focusing in the body. Reading Bodies refers to a double meaning. In one hand, it refers to bodies that read. In the other one, it talks about bodies that can be read, bodies as an archive. The very first access to immediate reality is always one’s body. Therefore, bodies themselves are mediums that work as a device and as a place of inscription. At the same time, they are mediators who have the ability of activating their political agency. Bodies are at once objects and subjects.
In this first knot of relationships, the workshop would be articulated around a suggested bibliography (Perec, Preciado, de Certeau, Mignolo, Groys, Pastor Mellado, Benjamin, Federicci, Malabou, etc.) – expanded with the contributions of the participants- that would compose a series of collective readings, together with a program of visits to spaces and artists of Berlin.


COM(m)O(n) Club Radio: Time Travel
facilitated by Thelma Bonavita 
August 1 – 27

Artists participants: Eugenie Rose Abbott , Marie Beckrich , Nati Cerutti , Nina Corti , So Hee Kim, Hee Jae Kim, Görkem Kutluer, Chris Owen, Paula Querido van Erven , Amanda Staples , Ana Valenciano.

Captura de pantalla 2020-03-07 a las 14.37.06

RESEARCH PROPOSAL: COM(m)O(n) Club and Radio is designed for artists from different backgrounds interested in exploring the multiple body possibilities having it as a way to hack into any kind of medias. The radio station will be an invented common territory as well as the process capsule traces.The final event will displays all entanglements in the mode of a performative exhibition at Agora’s new venue.
Works of Karen Barad, Henri Bergson, Alva Nöe, Katrina Burch, Lygia Clark, among others are some of the case studies and ignitions by which the participants will be stimulated to navigate through the process.


If you don’t pay attention to me, I WON’T PAY ATTENTION TO YOU. On the role of the collective in an attention economy
facilitated by Sarah Margarita Lewis
September 1 – 30

Artists participants: Carlos Franco, Yerin Kim, Alex Knight, Josephine Michel, Kyungrim Jang, Charlotte Draycott, Anastasiya Korotkowa, Deb Casey

RESEARCH PROPOSAL: Throughout this month working with a group of diverse multi genre artists we will explore possibilities of artistic collaboration while dealing with the question of attention scarcity. Specifically how this scarcity affects, jeopardizes or enhances the experience of working as a collective. Utilizing a set methodology we will leverage imagination to more deeply engage with each other through an economy of attention. Where among other things we will switch roles, rotate authorship, view, observe, explore proposals put forth, and collectively edit and at the end present/perform our assembled findings.


CONGLOMERATE: One-Shot Sacrifice (TV Special)
facilitated by Kinderhook&Caracas, directed by Sol Calero, Ethan Hayes-Chute, Derek Howard, Christopher Kline and Dafna Maimon
October 4 – 29


RESEARCH PROPOSAL: For AFFECT´s October Module, CONGLOMERATE invites the participants to develop a short “TV Special” based on the theme of “Sacrifice”. Through workshops, group presentations and discussion, CONGLOMERATE will work with participants to create a single, final, one-shot (non-stop) “TV Special” composed of various set elements, props, actors, miniatures, costumes, sounds, etc. The end result will be the symbiotic flow from one segment to another manifested in a 3-5 minute clip. The project is formatted so that both individual and collective efforts are given equal space, yet rely upon each other to exist, and this tension/relationship creates a model to consider an “affectful” way of working. The constraints of collaboration, and using only one shot will be determining factors in the content and dialogue.


2015 – AFFECT II: 5 Months Intensive Summer Academy
Concept: Caique Tizzi
Coordinator: Paz Ponce
Interns: Darius Bogdanowic, Margaux Foucret
Partners & Collaborators: John Holten (Broken Dimanche Press), CAPP (Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme)
Documentation Archive: Paz Ponce
Documentation: Joana Dias (Photo), Rita Couto (Video)

AFFECT 2015 Documentation dossier


Facilitated by Stine Marie Jacobsen.
With participants: Alma Lily Rayner (IL), Christian Berens (DE), Steven Cottingham (CA), Katrien Oosterlinck (BE), Kyrae Cowan (US), Mia Sellmann (DE), Sandra Huber (CA/CH), Constanze Flamme (DE)

Facilitated by Lorenzo Sandoval.
With participants: Marjolijn Kok (NL), Francisco Perez (US), Damien Rudd (AU), María Alcaide Romero (ES), Kyrae Cowan (US), Paz Bardi (AR), Mia Sellmann (DE), Barbara Cousin (FR), Martina Mäsiarová (SL), Elien Ronse (BE), Mariangela Tinelli (IT), Fala Buggy (IR)

Facilitaed by Yves Mettler
With participants: Siran Li (NZ), Francisco Perez (US), Ferbus Tibbs (UK), Andreea Patroi (RU), Jael Orea (MX), Kyrae Cowan (US),Chloë Augat (FR), Mateja Rot (SI), Katharina Körner (AT), Efrat Lipkin (IL)

Facilitated by Diego Agulló
With participants: Grace Wielebinski (US), Marie Beckrich (FR), Kyrae Cowan (US), Ania Catherine (US), Erin Laura Hughes (UK), Mo Kim (KO), Bruna Pereira de Souza (BR), Renata Haar (BR), Gregori Homa (BR), Sandra Julve (ES)

Facilitated by Fotini Lazaridou-Hatzigoga
With participants: Maria Ader (EE), Anne Marchal (FR), Ayumi Miyano (JP), Ariela Kader (CR), Diana Duarte (CO), Megan Wiessner (US), Lina Augustin (DE), Tsilogianni Maria (GR), Shauna Janssen (CA), Mariangella Tinelli (DE), Nellie Chu (US), Reese Riley (US), Jessica Arseneau (CA)


Interviews by Rita Couto with facilitators Lorenzo Sandoval & Diego Agulló


Resultado de imagen de affect agora collective

2014 – AFFECT I: 9 Months Residency Program

Concept: Caique Tizzi, Tainá Moreno, Marcela Donato
Coordinator: Paz Ponce
Facilitating artists: Diego Agulló, Eric Ellingsen, John Holten, Judith Lavagna, Fotini Lazaridou-Hatzigoga, Sarah Lewis, Rodrigo Maltez-Novaes, Yves Mettler, Lorenzo Sandoval
Partners & Collaborators: Goethe Institut São Paulo, Instituto Cervantes Berlin, Kulturnetzwerk Neukölln e.V, L’Atelier Kunst Spiel Raum and Broken Dimanche Press.
Documentation Archive: Paz Ponce
Photo documentation: Joana Dias


The entire program was structured in 5 phasesfacilitated by professionals from different fields based in Berlin and leaded by a moderator. The different phases of the project were: Contextualizing / Nourishment / Conceptualizing / Materializing / Outcome.

AFFECT MODULE #1 | 20.02.14 – 16.05.14

Resultado de imagen de affect agora collective MODEL BEHAVIOURS


Moderated by: Eric Ellingsen. Module phases and facilitators: Contextualizing by Diego Agulló, Nourishment by Sarah Lewis, Conceptualizing by Rodrigo Máltez-Novaes, Materializing and outcome curated by Judith Lavagna.
With participating artists in residence: Beth Dillon (AU), Michael O’Hanlon (AU), Raquel Nava (BR), Peter Biggart (US), Amie Lin (US/TW), Tomás Espinosa (CO), Merlin Carter (NZ). With the collaboration of Agora’s assistant coordinator Vincent Theunissen (NL).
Final exhibition at Instituto Cervantes Berlin, 06.06.14. Publication by Broken Dimanche Press

AFFECT MODULE #2 | 11.07.14 – 19.09.14

Resultado de imagen de affect agora collective

Moderated by: Fotini Lazaridou-Hatzigoga. Module phases and facilitators: Contextualizing by Diego Agulló, Nourishment by Sarah Lewis, Conceptualizing by Yves Mettler, Materializing by John Holten and Judith Lavagna, outcome curated by Judith Lavagna.
With participating artists in residence: Jol Thomson (CA), Rune Bosse (DK), José Corí (CO), Aviv Benn (IL), Alice Bucknell (US), Daniel AlmgrenRecén (SE), Kathryn Gohmert (US).
Final exhibition at L’atelier Kunst Spiel Raum 13 – 20th September 2014. Publication by Broken Dimanche Press designed by F.U.K laboratories

AFFECT MODULE #3 | 23.09.14 – 18.12.14

Resultado de imagen de affect agora collective MODULE III

Module phases and facilitators: “Activating affect” by Diego Agulló and Sarah Lewis, “Project Week” by Judith Lavagna, John Holten and Lorenzo Sandoval, “content generation” by Diego Agulló, “Production” and “Outcome” curated by Judith Lavagna.
With participating artists in residence: Leon Eixenberger (DE), Luda Lima (BR), Jieun Kim (KR), Maia Nichols (US), Vinzenz Reinecke (DE), Victor Remere (FR). With the collaboration of assistant artist Johanna Gilje (US).

Final exhibition at Agora, 13-14th December 2014.


READ interviews with AFFECT 2014 Facilitator’s here

Captura de pantalla 2020-03-07 a las 15.45.42


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