FLEHMEN RESPONSE – A work in progress by Lillah Halla @ JUNGE AKADEMIE – Open Studios #text collaboration

The Ritual or that which unites us. 

Master of ceremony: Carolina Bianchi
Shibari: Marcos Mangani and Ennio Nobili
Cello Player: Eurico Ferreira Mathias
Nighty, the horse. 

Fragments and text collaborations: Paz Ponce Pérez-Bustamante
Libia Pérez, Carolina Bianchi and Lillah Halla

Film teaser: Julia Niethammer, María Elena Morán, Libia Perez, Godehard Giese, Sandra Borgmann, Anne Bolick, Katja Deutschmann, Pieter Bax, Juli Saragosa, Ruben Valdez, Benedikt Strick, Christina Birnbaum, Zoe Valentini and many more. Produced by Chromosom Film Berlin.

Welcome to this ceremonial and collective gesture that opens the works of Flehmen Response, the project I develop here at the residency. We invite you to enter the tree garden of chimeras and adventurers, bewitched, unclassified system hackers, who will be taking consent and empathy radically seriously- but will be performing everything else.

Academy invitation
Berlin Fellowship 2021 — Film and Media Arts: Lillah Halla
Director Lillah Halla’s website

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