¡n[s]urgênc!as: Public Program | Programa público

¡n[s]urgênc!as is a professional orientation program and networking event for Latin American artists in Berlin. The 2018 program, curated by Paz Ponce and Daniela Labra, highlights 12 politically engaged artistic trajectories from Berlin-based Latin American artists, culminating in a public program presented on Saturday 29th of September between 12 and 19h at Agora Collective in Neukölln. With the presence of selected artists: Jeferson Andrade (BR), Alexandra Bisbicus (CO), Andressa Cantergiani (BR), Pêdra Costa (BR), Manuela Eichner (BR), Manuela García Aldana (CO), Lia Krucken (BR), Moana Mayall (BR), Julia Mensch (AR), Alberto Morreo (VE), Rafael Puetter (Rafucko; BR), Melanie Rivera Flores (PR).

¡n[s]urgênc!as 2018: Public Program
Saturday 29th September – Free entrance
Agora Collective
Am Sudhaus 5, 12053 Berlin-Neukölln

12:00 – Opening of ¡n[s]urgênc!as
13:00 – 16:00 “Miss-take” – Durational performance by Andressa Cantergiani”.
14:00 – 15:00 “#EleNão” “Participatory protest action led by Andressa Cantergiani in collaboration with Manuela Eichner, Pêdra Costa, Lía Krucken
15:00 – 15:15 “insurgencias” – Happening by artists members of Kap Hoorn: José Délano, Alejandra Ruddoff and Pink Valley.
16:00 – 17:00 “Oficina de apagamento / Erasing Workshop” – facilitated by Lia Krucken
17:00 – 18:00 “Confesionario inmigrante / Immigrant’s confessional booth” – Participatory work and audio archive recording by Manuela García Aldana (Las Milagreras Collective)
18:00 – 18:20 Performance and reading of ”The Southern Butthole Manifesto” by Pêdra Costa

*Ongoing interactive formats: Tattooing action by Manuela García Aldana, printing station of protest posters by Alberto Morreo.
** There will be vendors selling Latin American street food and a bar during the event


The format of this event is conceived as a collective open studio, where the 12 artists will have on display a selection of past and on-going research projects addressing topics and gestures such as: “undisciplined spaces: hyperinvisibility/hypervisibility, parallel urban fighting imaginaries between the favela Complexo do Alemão in Rio and Germany” (Moana Mayall); “media coverage in Brazil, the silencing news daily” (Rafael Puetter/ Brazil); “history under construction: a diary of subversive strategies to erase, deconstruct and rescue oneself from the performativity of language” (Lia Krucken/ Brazil); “experiences at the boarder of integration: a fictional archaeological archive of the self (Jeferson Andrade / Brazil)”; “invisibility of labor an other subtle domestication strategies by contemporary art institutions seen from the perspective of an indoor plant” (Manuela Eichner / Brazil); “the south of the body: a queer postporn feminist decolonial geography” (Pêdra Costa / Brazil); “fragile masculinity and institutional heavyweights, intersectional feminist combats” (Andressa Cantergiani / Brazil); “towards a plastic autonomy: an ongoing printing station to reclaim free editorial spaces” (Alberto Morreo / Venezuela); “collective memories: textile healing practices for cracked bodies damaged by the border(s)” (Alexandra Bisbicus / Colombia); “weaving the length of paramilitary sympathies in a Colombian flag and confessions of an Latinas immigrant sorority in Berlin (Manuela García Aldana, Colombia, & Colectivo Las Milagreras, Berlin); “protesting doormats for an appropriated domestic policy; welcome to Puerto Rico” (Melanie Rivera Flores / Puerto Rico); “an atlas of trading routes: transgenic soy connections between Argentina and Germany” (Julia Mensch / Argentina). The program of events is developed in conjunction with Kap Hoorn: Latin American artist platform in Berlin, contributing with the happening “insurgencias”, performed by artist members José Délano, Alejandra Ruddoff and Pink Valley.

The aim of this event is to open a space to share the resonances manifesting the diversity of artistic processes, strategies and approaches gathered under the topic of “insurgencies”, referring to a sense of urgency and emergence of socially conscious artistic practices and activist positions from the [s]outh | sur, perceived through the lens of “art as a reliable indicator of the psychological mood of a time” (Aby Warburg). A vast but fragile landscape of displaced narratives and subjectivities translated into a new reception context (Berlin), ¡n[s]urgênc!as is built as a collaborative support network for recently arrived culture migrants from a Latin American origin. The network is supported by a digital archive promoting the preservation of a critical state of mind, a growing ideological reserve which intends to provide a space to exchange new modes of trust, solidarity, knowledge and opportunities for mobilized culture workers in Berlin. The internal conversations of the network are held in Spanish and Portuguese, outside communication and statements are channeled in English and German. ¡n[s]urgênc!as program is supported by Berlin Senat for Culture and Europe, under the funding frame “Cosmopolitan Berlin”. We feel grateful for being able to enjoy this opportunity and welcome you all to come meet the artists, their practices and know more about our networking initiative at Agora on Saturday 29th.


*some of the content being showed is not suitable for children

PHOTO CREDITS: Bea Rodrigues


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