/ February 2014-present / AFFECT: Agora’s Program for Collaborative Artistic Practices in Berlin.
Conceptualized by Agora Collective e.V. (Caique Tizzi, Marcela Donato and Tainá Moreno)
Coordinated by Paz Ponce

AFFECT Module I was facilitated by: Diego Agulló, Eric Ellingsen, John Holten, Judith Lavagna, Sarah Lewis and Rodrigo Maltez-Novaes.
See documentation here

AFFECT Module II was facilitated by: Diego Agulló, John Holten, Judith Lavagna, Fotini Lazaridou-Hatzigoga, Sarah Lewis and Yves Mettler.
See documentation here

AFFECT Module III was facilitated by: Diego Agulló, John Holten, Judith Lavagna, Sarah Lewis and Lorenzo Sandoval.
See documentation here

About the program: AFFECT, Agora´s Program for Collaborative Artistic Practices, was conceptualized and designed by Agora Collective e.V. to run throughout the year 2014, divided into three modules. The program challenges the resident artists to address collectively the question `Where does Art intersect with the Social`? .

AFFECT Module I-II-III brought together a moderator and five facilitators, chosen because of the relevance of their practices – along with the 7 international artists-in-residence in Agora. Focused on group practices, the program is structured into five phases lead by each facilitator: contextualizing, nourishment, conceptualizing, materializing and outcome.

AFFECT is kindly supported by Instituto Cervantes, Goethe Institut Sao Paulo, L’Atelier-KSR, Broken Dimanche Press, Kulturnetzwerk Neukölln, Agora Collective e.V., and Barefoot Wine.

Since mid.2014 AFFECT is part of the COLLAB Arts Partneriship Program (CAPP), together with Create-Ireland (coordinating partner), hablarenarte:, Kunsthalle Osnabrück, Live Art Development Agency, Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art, M-Cult and Tate Liverpool, a transnational program delivered in 46 months granted by the European Union.

Program’s website  here

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